Definitions for "Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion"
A material property defined as the ratio of the change in length per original length (or change in volume per original volume) to the incremental change in temperature from a reference. Typically an order of magnitude higher for metals relative to glasses.
The fractional change in length or volume of a material resulting from a given change in temperature. (Strictly speaking, the values given in the chart are only an approximation of true thermal expansion, since the testing method excludes the effects of moisture content, curing, plasticizer loss and other factors.) Test results are given in terms of inches/inch /degree Fahrenheit—that is, the amount of thermal expansion in inches/per inch of plastic sheet/per degree of change in temperature.
the rate at which a material contracts or expands with changes in temperature. Usually expressed in units of in/in per degree F.
The relative rate at which a substance expands on heating, compared to a standard rate.