Definitions for "SARA "
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (1986). It establishes standards for cleanup activities and stipulates the conditions for off-site disposal of wastes.
uperfund mendments & eauthorization ct. Legislation that includes "Community Right to Know" provisions with respect to disposal of hazardous materials. Fire departments (Rochester FD, for example) will respond to take a report when local industry discharges certain substances into the environment. These reports are called "SARA Title III notification".
Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act (US)
SARA (SAABSs räkneautomat, SAAB's calculating machine) was developed by SAAB when the capacity of BESK was insufficient for their needs. The project was started the fall of 1955 and became operational in 1956. SARA was built using the drawings of BESK that SAAB had bought for a symbolic sum and with the help of people who had worked with BESK, but didn't stay when Matematikmaskinnämnden decided that there would be no second generation.
Sara (born on March 17th 1950 in Nantes, France) is a French artist. She has been living in Paris since 1971. She received the Golden Apple at the 20th Biennial of illustrations in Bratislava in 2005.
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(Q.) Maize ( Zea mays).
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Gandharva king
Sara (Persian: سارا) is a 1993 motion picture directed by Dariush Mehrjui.
The Security Auditor's Research Assistant is a third-generation security analysis tool that is based on the SATAN model. It is fostering a collaborative environment and is updated periodically to address latest threats.
An acronym for the problem solving process (see Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) , 21
Information security use SARA and SPRINT (Simplified Process for Risk Identification) to help achieve the correct level of control in applications and for providing cost justification of any extra measures recommended.
an excellent way for those recruitment companies that are setting the benchmark for taking care of candidates to stand out from their competitors and promote their teams' efforts
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Liquid, fluid, moving, wandering.
State Adult Referee Administrator - The person who heads up the State Adult Referee Program. The SARA develops programs and oversees referees who officiate in adult matches. Contact the SARA.
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Save the American River Association