Definitions for "CAIRN"
Keywords:  mound, burial, monument, heap, landmark
A rounded or conical heap of stones erected by early inhabitants of the British Isles, apparently as a sepulchral monument.
A pile of stones heaped up as a landmark, or to arrest attention, as in surveying, or in leaving traces of an exploring party, etc.
is a heap of stones, set up to look artificial that serves to mark the Trail route in dense vegetation or above tree line.
Keywords:  cist, capstone, chamber
Capstone Chamber Cist
Keywords:  sturdy, handsome, animal
a handsome and sturdy animal
CAIRN is a modular copy and restore program for the imaging of a computer. It copies every file on a computer and figures out how to recreate it from scratch. It is primarily network oriented but is also flexible enough to boot from any possible method.