Definitions for "cadaver "
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A dead human body; a corpse.
The body of a person who has died.
the dead body of a human being
Cadaver is an isometric arcade adventure game by the Bitmap Brothers, originally released on the Amiga by in 1990. In the game you play Karadoc the dwarf.
A supporting player who ends up on the cutting-room floor. A physician's first patient, and the only one who absolutely cannot die or sue for malpractice. Also the reason most medical students never feel the need to attend horror films.
cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client. It supports resource upload/download/display, namespace operations , collection deletion/creation, property manipulation, and locking operations.
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Cadaver were a death metal band from RÃ¥de, Norway. The band had a brief venture in the early 1990s before splitting in 1993. Cadaver would eventually re-emerge as Cadaver Inc. in 1999 which consisted of only one founding member.