Definitions for "Healthy Body"
a constantly fluctuating balance of processes and hormones, each striving to maintain homeostasis
a well-oiled machine chugging along to maintain homeostasis
Keywords:  lean, wellspring, detoxed, laurie, leah
a balanced body
a beautiful body
a beautiful one
a million blessings In today's changing times, there is an obvious increase in the number of people turning to sedentary lifestyles
a most important thing and we make sure that you get one
an important part of building a healthy lifestyle
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a correspondence from a healthy mind
a healthy mind and we are what we eat just goes to show nutrition plays a pivitol role in you as a healthy person
a healthy mind Don't drink too much alcohol
a springboard from which one leaps into action, not an obstacle that you drag around with you
a miraculous interweaving of systems and cycles that needs simply water, food, movement, and breath to keep itself in balance
a good instrument for doing virtuous actions and practising Yoga
a condition not only necessary for existence, but as a foundation for mental and spiritual activities
a great asset in life
a great way for you to enjoy every minute of your life
Keywords:  misuse, allah, abuse, gift, trustees
a gift from Allah, we are the trustees, and therefore we have no right to misuse and abuse it
Keywords:  temple, soul
a temple for a healthy soul
a complex mechanism, and each complex area requires a complex mix of nutrients
an extremely complex system, and each functional area requires a diverse mix of nutrients
a finely tuned wonder with everything in working order
Keywords:  creator, obligation
an obligation to its Creator
Keywords:  oneself, pleasure, source, look, energy
a source of energy
a source of pleasure not only to oneself but also to others who look at it