Definitions for "Bumped"
Refers to the corners of a book being worn.
bmp, bpd. Corners or edges of boards bumped or dented, usually in careless handling.
Corners of a book are worn, wrinkled, dented or damaged. Occasionally applied to head and heel of spine.
Keywords:  collar, cement, pertaining, float, rest
In cementing operations, pertaining to the point at which the cement plug comes to rest on the float collar.
adj: in cementing operations, pertaining to a cement plug that comes to rest on the float collar.
This can be good or bad! A bump, if you're lucky can mean a bump up, or upgrade to business or first class. However, being bumped usually means you will be unable fly on the flight your ticket was for as it has been oversold. It is always safest to check in early to avoid this.