Definitions for "Headband"
Keywords:  tailband, spine, glued, silk, sewn
A fillet; a band for the head.
The band at each end of the back of a book.
The silk band at the top and bottom of the books spine, should be hand sewn through leaves but now often just imitations adhered to spine
A woven narrow fabric used in bookbinding, and having a coloured piped or 'beaded' edge woven integrally.
Keywords:  hugs, classic, stay, widths, touch
A classic finishing touch, available in a variety of widths, that hugs the head to stay in place.
A player may wear different color headbands to indicate his in-play status. White headbands mean the character is not in-play, orange means physically impaired (broken leg, asthma, etc. basically no combat).