Definitions for "BTW"
he ay. Popular abbreviation used in e-mail, chat rooms, and newsgroup postings. Table of Contents
An abbreviation used in online discussions and email messages
By The Way. An acronym frequently used in e-mail messages.
British Traditional Wicca. Another name for Alexandrian Wicca, as distinguished from newer, non-initiatory traditions.
this is the "short term" for British Traditional Wicca. Normally this is typified by Gardnerian and Alexandrian, but it can be any group that is a lineaged mystery tradition. See this article for an excellent discussion of the various flavors of Wicca.
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Booker T. Washington Commemerative Half Dollar
A shorthand appended to a comment written in an online forum.
he ay: This is a short hand used in Email, most commonly in electronic mail. For example; "BTW have you seen The African American Literature Book Club's great new web site?"