Definitions for "Acronyms"
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AFAIK -- As far as I know BTW -- By the way FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions (see below) HAND -- Have a nice day HTH -- Hope this helps IMO -- In My Opinion IMHO -- In My (Humble/Honorific) Opinion (often the ``humble'' is tongue and cheek OTOH -- On the other hand RTFM -- Read the [fine] manual
smiley (tilt head to left) : smiley (tilt head to right) ;-) : winking smiley (tilt head to left) BRB : be right back BTW : by the way CU/Cya : see you D/L : download EOT : end of transmission FAQ : frequently asked questions FWIW : for what it's worth FYI : for your information GR&D : grinning, running, & ducking IAE : in Any Event IMHO : in my humble opinion IMO : in my opinion JOOC : just out of curiosity LOL : laughing out loud L8R : later (usually goodbye) NRN : no Reply Necessary OTFL : on the floor laughing OTOH : on the other hand PMFBI : pardon me for butting in ROFL : rolling on floor laughing ROTFL : roll on the floor laughing RFC : request for comments RTM : read The Manual (or Message) RTFM : read the fun manual (or Message) SITD : Still In The Dark TIA : thanks in advance TTFN : ta ta for now U/L : upload WRT : with regard to XFER : transfer
Like CBers and old-time telegraph operators, people online sometimes write in acronyms to save time, such as YMMV ("your mileage may vary"), ROTFL ("rolling on the floor laughing") and RTFM ("read the f-ing manual"). If you don't know what they mean, ask.
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6, 7 A word formed from the initial letter or letters of each word in a set of words (e.g., NATO, radar).
Words made up from the initial letters of other words.
Abbreviations written as the initial letter or letters of words, and pronounced based on this abbreviation (e.g., NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration).
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US Army Corps of Engineers - This is a database of acronyms commonly used by USACE.
please refer to Addendum I (below) on NFIP commonly used acronyms.
A list of popular acronyms used widely by and within FSIS.
List of the Diversion, Planning, and Local Assistance Division acronyms.
A list of common networking acronyms is provided.
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AISI - American Iron & Steel Institute
Click here for a site containing Acronyms of Australian Agricultural Organisations
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