Definitions for "Binary search tree"
Keywords:  subtree, node, tree, left, inorder
binary tree that has been labelled with numbers so that the right offspring and all of its descendants have labels smaller than the label of the vertex, and the left offspring and all its descendants have labels larger than that of the vertex. .
a binary tree in which the data in the nodes is ordered in a particular way
a binary tree in which the value stored at each node of the tree is greater than the values stored in its left subtree and less than the values stored in its right subtree
Keywords:  search, quick, odd, linear, structure
a non-linear data structure that provides very quick access to data
a very commonly used data structure, and yet the most commonly used search algorithm is not necessarily the most efficient
a very good option for implementing a database (fast searches, sorts, inserts, etc
a particularly useful arrangement for organizing items