Definitions for "Family tree"
a chart that shows how the members of a family are related over many generations
a genealogy tool, used to show the relationship between family members in different generations
a record of the ancestors of a selected person, and does not digress far into the collateral lines
a diagram that helps geneticists track who has a certain version of a gene
an example of a tree diagram
A diagram showing how members of a family are related to each other. (Diagram) (cf Pedigree diagram)
A model for organizing a database in a hierarchical arrangement, with parent and children nodes.
an example of a hierarchical structure that represents how the UNIX file system is organized
a useful analogy, but remember that a Node can only have one Parent
a wonderful piece of heritage, which when documented, will provide many years of pleasure
Keywords:  kin, successive, generations
successive generations of kin
an easy way to quickly and efficiently collect and organize family information
Keywords:  trace, want, great, history, resource
a great resource to have when you want to trace back your family history