Definitions for "MSB"
The highest order bit in the binary representation of a numerical value.
The bit farthest to the left in a binary number. It represents 2( n-1), where n is the number of bits in the number.
most significant bit. Bit in a binary word that can represent the largest value. The MSB is the leftmost bit in a big-endian-ordered binary word. See also binary word, bit, least significant bit
See mutual savings bank.
Mutual Savings Bank. A savings bank organized under state charter for the ownership and benefit of its depositors.
a state-chartered savings bank owned by its depositors and managed by a board of trustees
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main support battalion
main supply battalion
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Mid-Size Bent-ley
Mid-Sized Bentley
Maximum Supportive Benefit. MSB is reached when the recommended regimen of supportive care fails to maintain stability in the condition severity indicators used to measure pain and function or, the risks of supportive care outweighs its benefits, i.e. physician dependence, somatization, illness behavior, or secondary gain the patient will be considered as having reached Maximum Supportive Benefit. 17.
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Moroccan Arabian Stud Book
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The abbreviation MSB can stand for several things.