Definitions for "LSB"
Least Significant Bit (or Byte), more information ...
The bit lowest in memory in a binary number.
least significant bit. Bit in a binary word that can represent the smallest value. The LSB is the rightmost bit in a big-endian-ordered binary word. The weight of the LSB is related to the fraction length according to See also big-endian, binary word, bit, most significant bit
Labor Standards Bureau
Linux Standards Base... Standardardize the linux codebase. Championed by many industry players and the FSG more
Linux Standard Base. This is a historical name, and does not limit the LSB Written Specification to any specific operating system.
Lower Side Band. When you are listening to a station on a radio, the radio is tuned to the "center" of the carrier. Think of an analog tuned radio (no digital display). If you turn the dial just slightly to the left or the right of the station, these are the side-bands. Shortwave stations will actually broadcast on these "edges" of the actual frequency. You have some shortwave stations that are LSB (lower side band) only or USB (upper side band) only. Nice shortwave radios actually are switchable to USB or LSB mode.
lower sideband
Lower Side Band (Not used much in aviation)
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Lebanese Stud Book
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Legal Services Board