Definitions for "Baum"
(, be°Bé, °B) Baumé scale; degrees Baumé; Baume; Baumé scale. A, Be scale related to specific gravities, devised by the French chemist Antoine Baumé for marking hydrometers. At 60°F, specific gravity can be calculated from degrees Baumé by the following formulas: liquids lighter than water: sp. gr. = 140/(°Bé + 130) liquids heavier than water: sp. gr. = 145/(145 - °Bé)
A system used to measure specific gravity. Indicating the sugar content of unfermented grape juice. A measure of 1 Baum roughly equivalent to 1% alcohol when the wine is fully fermented.
(France) A scale for must weight. This is a hydrometric method - meaning that the sugar concentration (and therefore potential alcohol) is calculated from measuring the density of the must. Other scales include Brix, Oechsle and KMW. My article on must weight in my Sweet Wine series gives more information.
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