Definitions for "Bar Chart"
Keywords:  chart, gantt, tick, graph, vertical
A pictorial comparison of results or measurements illustrated by vertical bars from the height of which it is possible to compare figures.
stock chart that shows a vertical line representing the price range, typically includes ticks to represent the open and close
The plotting of price movements using vertical bars to indicate price ranges and tics to the right and/or left of the bar to indicate the last (closing) and opening prices for that time period.
a graphic that displays how data fall into different categories or groups.
a way of presenting numerical information as a series of bars or columns of different lengths.
A graphic representation of quantitative information by means of a drawing made up of parallel bars with lengths that are proportional to the data being compared.
a way of summarising a set of categorical data
Usually used for categoric independent variables only. Usually drawn with bars separated by spaces.
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a type of histogram that uses bars to show the values
Keywords:  chronological, order, group
a group of bars in chronological order
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