Definitions for "Ballata"
Italian dance-song, and poetic and musical form used from the second half of the thirteenth century untill the fifteenth century and longer. A form of the ballata consists of the scheme A ( ripresa, or the choral refrain), BB (two symmetrical piedi volta), followed by a return of the ripresa as volta of the A ( ripresa). Hence, the structure is similar to that of the French virelai. The texts are often love songs. The music was commonly based on oral tradition. A leading composer of ballata was Landini, with 141 surviving ballate. Other important composers of polyphonic ballate are Gherardello da Firenze, Lorenzo da Firenze, and Jacopo da Bologna. [SJK, GJC] Glossary 1300-1400
A type of fourteenth-century italian secular song, similar to the French virelai.
a form of italian 14th century poettry and music