Definitions for "audit trail"
A step-by-step record by which financial data can be traced to its source.
The deliberate and systematic generation of recorded evidence of business activities for present and future accountability.
n. a specific group of events selected from transaction records and listed sequentially
a basic need for regulatory compliance
a basic requirement for regulatory compliance
In the context of sensemaking, a representation of the set of layered sources, assumptions, and annotations related to a conclusion. See accountability in sensemaking.
Absolute Physical Life Accounting exposure
History of SAP documents which includes dates, person who entered the document, etc.
A printed report identifying where in the scanning process each document is located. Autofeeder: A device which is either integral to or added on to a paper scanner to accept a stack of paper and automatically feed pages. Autofeeders vary in their ability to accept differing thicknesses, sizes and qualities of paper. As paper transitions from thick to thin, double feeds can occur.
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a great deal of work and a great source of pride to each grower, handler, and processor
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what the IRS does
The documentary evidence of written approval by key people in a business in routinely reviewing and verifying expenditures before payment is made.
A listing created which may be created in real time which may be used to monitor the progress of a person through protected areas.
A listing that may be used to monitor the progress of a person through protected areas. Can be created in real time.
Documentation that is sufficient to determine the source, transfer of ownership, and transportation of any agricultural product labeled as "100 percent organic," the organic ingredients of any agricultural product labeled as "organic" or "made with organic (specified ingredients)" or the organic ingredients of any agricultural product containing less than 70 percent organic ingredients identified as organic in an ingredients statement.
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a data set built and maintained by SAS
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billing cycle budget
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A formal map.
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A file or database that contains a list of changes made to a specific file. The information includes the name of the file, the date and time of the change, the person making the change, and the text of the change itself.
A file that contains audit entries. See also audit entry, auditing.
The collection of all audit files from all hosts.
a way of authenticating a digital image