Definitions for "At Risk"
is the term used to describe groups who, because of attenuating factors e.g. age, are at greater risk of being involved in a motor vehicle crash than other members of the community.
A person "at risk" has the possibility of developing the condition which is present in his or her family.
Exposed to the possibility of loss. see also risk.
Usually refers to infants or children with a high potential for experiencing future medical or learning problems.
Infants who may develop problems because of certain conditions such as premature birth.
Term used to denote those children who are likely to fail to learn to read by the end of 3rd grade or who will need special instruction to learn to read.
Situation where a health care organization is vulnerable to providing or paying for more service delivery than is paid through premiums or per capita payments.
An outcome for a student who shows early indication of unsatisfactory academic performance.
A tax concept that limits a taxpayer's loss deductions to the amount of one's capital investment
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Usually used to indicate that a player's wager is active or "in action".
Usually, when a player's bet is active or "in action"
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Annuity certain Annuity due
Capable of experiencing the health state under study.