Definitions for "ActiveX control"
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A lite version of an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) control. The control's size and speed have been optimized for use over the Internet. Active X controls provide added functionality to both Web environments and regular desktop environments.
Custom Control for Visual Basic 4.0 that incorporates the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology. Formerly known as an OLE Control (OCX).
Software components using Microsoft's COM technologies to interact with other COM objects and services.
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a component that has a user interface, enabling it to respond to actions taken by the user
a modular piece of software that has its own small graphical interface and can perform tasks, compute information, and communicate to other programs
a program that can be re-used by many application programs within a computer or among computers in a network
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address ADO
a piece of native code, which means that it has access to any part of your system-including files, I/O ports, and other sensitive facilities
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an executable
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See “Browser Plug-in.
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a specific way to use ActiveX to enhance Web pages
a window with code that processes incoming messages