Definitions for "ActiveX component"
Keywords:  ocx, reusable, dll, dcom, jscript
a COM component that is intended to be portable across more than one platform
a reusable piece of programming code and data made up of one or more objects created using ActiveX technology
A compiled software component based on the component object model (COM) that encapsulates a set of business functionality. The functionality in an ActiveX component is accessed through ActiveX Automation interfaces. The ActiveX Component can execute either on a client computer or on a server computer, transparent to the calling application, through DCOM. ActiveX Components can be driven by a scripting language such as VBScript or JScript. All Java applets, running in the Microsoft virtual machine for Java, are automatically ActiveX Components and use the file extension .class. ActiveX Components that run within the calling application process use the file extensions .dll or .ocx. ActiveX Components that run outside of the calling application process use the file extension .exe. See also COM.
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a small self-contained program that can be run on most Windows and Macintosh systems
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a unit of executable code, such as an
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a tool for the transfer of data for purchases