Definitions for "Active Desktop"
Active Desktop is one of the two components installed with Windows Desktop Update. Active Desktop allows the user to add active content, such as a stock ticker, to their desktop, taskbar or folders. Users can also single-click files to run and open them. Active Desktop can be disabled in the IEAK, even if Windows Desktop Update is installed.
Enhanced functionality that enables webpages to be turned into desktop items that are updated automatically. A webpage can also be turned into wallpaper, allowing a workgroup homepage to be readily visible on each user's computer with links to related information on the intranet. Active Desktop supports active channels, or subscriber-based content delivery systems. It is available on Windows 98 and Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and higher.
Starting with Internet Explorer IV, Microsoft uses what is called 'push technology' which can change the desktop into a webpage-like interface complete with hyperlinks to your system, network or internet resources.