Definitions for "Account Number"
Number you're given by your doctor or hospital for a medical visit.
One focused number, such as medical record number or social security number. A patient usually has one account number, against which a clinician can list multiple encounters.
See Account identification.
The financial record established by the Grants and Contracts Office to provide current information on obligations, revenue and disbursements of a project.
Accounts are asset, liability, and fund balance (equity) items that appear on the balance sheet. Accounts are also revenue and expense items that appear on the statement of revenues and expenditures (profit and loss). They define the type of expenditure, revenue or balance sheet item. This was called object code .
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The numeric designation on the micr line for the institution account that the item is being drawn from.
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See Coding
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a resident and will continue to be
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a man-made designation used with or in place of a name