Definitions for "AAD"
Automatic activation device. It opens the reserve automatically if a predetermined altitude is passed at a high rate of speed. Commonly referred to by the brand name Cypres. Previously only students used AAD-devices, but today even the more experienced skydivers and even the skygods are starting to accept the idea of getting their bacon saved by one.
abbr. Automatic Activation Device, a device fitted to rigs which automatically deploys a parachute (usually the reserve) if the rig is falling too fast at a specified altitude.
Automatic Activation Device. A device for opening the reserve parachute if the jumper fails to.
Found on CD cases. Indicates that the audio was recorded in Analogue, mastered in Analogue and stored Digitally onto CD.
Analog Analog Digital. A designation that indicates the recorded material was first recorded with analog equipment, then remixed on analog equipment and finally placed onto a digital recording medium.
Seen on CD cases, meaning the music was recorded and mastered in analogue form - the first two As - but stored digitally (on the CD).
Rebellious people of Irum. Community to which Hood was sent.
'Ad (Arabic عاد) was an ancient Arabian nation mentioned in the Qur'an as being the place where the Islamic prophet Hud (هود) was sent to by God to guide its people back to the righteous path of believing in God. The citizens did not heed his warnings and the town was destroyed by God in a great storm.
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Anniston Army Depot
Agent Automated Deduction. Used to reclaim amounts due to the agent when discrepancies appear on the Agent's Sales Summary. See Section 12, Page 35 of the IAH for further details.
Automated Application Development
American Academy of Dermatology
Ambivilent Attachment Disorder
Australian Antarctic Division
Average Annual Damage. Depending on its size (or severity), each flood will cause a different amount of flood damage. The average annual damage is the average damage in dollars per year that would occur in a designated area from flooding over a very long period of time. In many years there may be no flood damage, in some years there will be minor damage (caused by small, relatively frequent floods) and, in a few years, there will be major flood damage (caused by large, rare flood events). Estimation of the average annual damage provides a basis for comparing the effectiveness of different floodplain management measures (i.e. the reduction in the annual average damage).
Annual Aggregate Deductible
Administrative Accompanying Document. Used by EC Customs in relation to transit goods
Accompanying Administrative Document
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Access to Archival Databases