Definitions for "Parachute"
A device made of a piece of cloth, usually silk, attached to multiple chords fastened to a harness; when attached to a person or object falling through the air, it opens from a folded configuration into an umbrella-shaped form, thus slowing the rate of descent so that a safe descent and landing may be made through the air from an airplane, balloon, or other high point. It is commonly used for descending to the ground from a flying airplane, as for military operations (as of airborne troops) or in an emergency, or for sport. In the case of use as a sport, the descent from an airplane by parachute is called sky diving. Some older versions of parachute were more rigid, and were shaped somewhat in the form of an umbrella.
A web or fold of skin which extends between the legs of certain mammals, as the flying squirrels, colugo, and phalangister.
TO descend to th ground from an airplane or other high place using a parachute; as, when the plane stalled, he parachuted safely to the ground.
Parachute was the first album released by the band Guster. The album was mostly recorded in 1994, and a few copies were released under the band name Gus (the band had to change its name shortly afterward when another artist signed a record contract under that name). The 4,000 copies that were created that feature the band as Gus are considered very rare by Guster fans.
Parachute, released in 1970 is the Pretty Things' fifth studio album, following S.F. Sorrow and preceding Freeway Madness. The album was an atmospheric masterpiece almost repenting from the dissonant British Blues of their first few albums.
Used in professional fireworks to keep an effect aloft for longer than normal, typically for hanging lantern or flare effects. A show-stopper when used well.
An aerial tube device that propels a charge into the air that spreads one or more parachutes that float to the ground. The parachutes may contain flares, firecrackers, reports or other effects.
a potentially vastly useful saftey device that could well come into play with decisive effect in a worst case scenario
a wonderful addition to the play equipment in any child care center
a wonderful addition to the play equipment in any Gymnastics program
A paper projectile that is expelled from a mortar tube either as a single-shot item, or as a multi-shot effect in a cake.
Normally contained within a single shot tube, but also found in rockets and multi-shot cakes; parachutes shoot up into the air then their paper or plastic parachute attached to either smoke, a strobe light, or a plastic army guy will open up and float back down to the ground.
This refers to the method of fastening the balance wheel cap jewels
Parachute-shaped rubber or leather attachment for the scrotum or penis. Weights are then placed in it to stretch the penis and testicles.
A parachute is a small collar, usually made from leather, which fastens around the scrotum, and from which weights can be hung. Conical in shape, with three or four short chains hanging beneath, to which weights can be attached, its resemblance to its larger namesake, and the source of its own name, is obvious.
a contingency plan that can cushion termination as a result oforganizational change
An employment contract that states if there is a change in control of the corporation, there will be an increase, accelerated payments, vesting or some other rights to the employee once the change is final.
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