Definitions for "VRF"
Keywords:  vpn, routing, router, forwarding, cef
VPN Routing and Forwarding instance. Routing table and forwarding information base table, populated by routing protocol contexts.
Virtual routing and forwarding. A per VPM routing table on the PE router. Each VPN instantiated on that PE router has its own VRF.
VPN Routing and Forwarding Tables.
Keywords:  vasico, fistula, rectal
Vasico-rectal Fistula
Virginia Revolving Fund. Not frequently encountered, the term means the same as Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund ( VCWRLF ) and Virginia Water Facilities Revolving Fund ( VWFRLF ) and Virginia Revolving Loan Fund ( VRLF )
variable refrigerant flow - a common type of air conditioning used in many buildings today, same as vrv
A direct expansion, modular central air conditioning system providing heating and cooling. Operates on the principle of varying the flow of refrigerant to a room terminal unit to achieve desired temperature.
Keywords:  vpf, dma, vector, defense, mapping
Vector relational format. A relational model-based format very similar to the DMA VPF (Defense Mapping Agency Vector Product Format).
Value Release Form. The form generated through VIP's that lists the vehicle description and class codes used by county appraisers and county treasurers.