Definitions for "VCWRLF"
Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund. This is the Commonwealth of Virginia's State Revolving Loan Fund ( SRF ). The fund was established by the Virginia General Assembly to provide a long term, renewing source of funding for wastewater treatment improvements. The fund is separate, permanent, and perpetual, and was originally dedicated solely to wastewater treatment improvements at publicly owned facilities. In recent years the General Assembly expanded the scope of the fund to allow loans for Brownfield remediation, Land Conservation and Agricultural BMP projects. Several variations of the fund's name are commonly encountered but the preferred version is Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund ( VCWRLF ). Perhaps the most descriptive variation, it links the state's revolving fund to it's origin, the Federal Water Quality Act (a.k.a. Clean Water Act). Other variations of the funds name you may encounter are: Virginia Revolving Loan Fund ( VRLF ), Virginia Water Facilities Revolving Loan Fund ( VWRLF ), Virginia Revolving Fund ( VRF ) and even the generic term State Revolving Fund ( SRF ) is used, primarily by federal government agencies