Definitions for "Traffic analysis"
From the perspective of a malicious third party, traffic analysis is the practice of determining who talks to whom, how often, and for how long. This information is often almost as useful as knowing the actual contents of the communication. For this reason, even if the conversation is encrypted, it is often the case that foiling traffic analysis (by hiding who it talking to whom) is still necesssary.
The analysis of network traffic flow for the purpose of deducing information that is useful to an adversary. Examples of such information are frequency of transmission, the identities of the conversing parties, sizes of packets, flow identifiers used, and the like.
Analysis of communication patterns as opposed to the content of these communications, e.g. when and to whom certain messages or types of messages are sent. The military has carried out this type of analysis for years; it is still unknown what the vulnerabilities of Internet communication to this type of analysis in the hands of hackers are. _____________________________________________________________________________
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