Definitions for "TDD"
Telecommunications Device for Deaf communication
Telecommunications devices for persons who are deaf.
Telecommunication device for persons who are deaf or hard of haring
Time Division Duplexing. A transmission method that uses only one channel for transmitting and receiving, separating them by different time slots. No guard band is used. This increases spectral efficiency by eliminating the buffer band, but also increases flexibility in asynchronous applications. For example, if less traffic travels upstream, the time slice for that direction can be reduced and reallocated to downstream traffic. Return
Time Division Duplex
Time Division Duplexing. The application of time-division multiple access (TDMA) to separate inbound and outbound signals. Allows devices to transmit and receive on a single frequency at different time intervals. See Also: TDMA
" TestDrivenDevelopment"
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Total demand distortion. this is the total root-sum-square harmonic current distortion, in percent of the maximum demand load current.
Total demand distortion. Under Std 1547, the calculation of the distortion of harmonic current as a percentage of maximum current for demand load over a specified period of time.
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Abbreviation for ime ivision uplex.
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Transdermal Drug Delivery
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Please see TTY.
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Time Display Distributor TWT Traveling Wave Tube
Test Driven Development: by planning of a test perspective, what the code should do, first then do the coding. As a result, also the test plan and test cases are created before/while coding.