Definitions for "Tacking"
Keywords:  sail, bow, wind, gybing, jibing
To sail to windward by making alternate tacks as close to the wind as is possible or reasonable.
To turn a ship about from one tack to another, by bringing her head to the wind.
Sailing term.
A union of securities given at different times, all of which must be redeemed before an intermediate purchaser can interpose his claim.
Adding on to a certain period of time.
a process in which a possessor who has gained possession of a land through adverse possession passes on his or her claims, rights, and status to another adverse possessor.This new possessor can claim the time in possession in his or her own claim.
Loose temporary stitches.
The same as basting: temporary stitches that are removed after sewing, or to hold something in place during construction. They are usually removed before the garment is worn, tough some may end up hidden inside the garment and may not need to be removed.
A process of stretching leather at certain stages in the manufacture by tacking it on a frame or board. the method seems crude and slow, but is very effective for counteracting the shrinkage which follows certain operations, without applying excessive strains on particular portions of a piece.
The stretching of wet skins in tanning process and nailing them on large wooden frames to dry.
Tying the layers of a quilt or comforter together with yarn knots. Thick bedcovers are often tacked instead of quilted.
Tacking is a technical legal concept arising under the common law relating to competing priorities between two or more security interests arising over the same asset. The concept is best illustrated by way of example.