Definitions for "Sustainable yield"
For surface waters: The difference between median annual flow and environmental flows and represents the amount of water available for use once environmental water needs have been accounted for. Sustainable yield represents the average amount of water that could be expected in a catchment one in every two years. For groundwaters:The level of extraction measured over a specified timeframe that should not be exceeded to protect the higher value social, environmental and economic uses associated with the aquifer.
See safe yield.
One of several ecologically and economically sound methods of harvesting timber in a way that ensures regrowth of the wood harvested and which usually strives to provide greater benefits to indigenous people. Often called "green forestry" or "ecoforestry".
The estimated level of abstraction below which there is little risk of endangering further abstraction at the same rate.
n: Highest rate at which a potentially renewable resource can be used without reducing its available supply throughout the world or in a particular area.
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see sustainable flows.