Definitions for "Stage Directions"
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Stage directions are notes included in a drama to describe how the work is to be performed or staged. They are used to describe sets, lighting, sound effects, and the appearance, personalities, and movements of characters.
The words in the printed text of a play that inform the director, crew, actors, and readers how to stage, perform, or imagine the play. Stage directions are not spoken aloud and may appear at the beginning of a play, before any scene, or attached to a line of dialogue. The place and time of the action, the design of the set itself, and at times the characters' actions or tone of voice are dictated through stage directions and interpreted by the group of people that put on a performance.
Scene descriptions, blocking instructions, and general directorial comments written, usually by the playwright, in the script.
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Used in chats to indicate vocal inflections, facial expressions, or body language. Usually surrounded by , for example grin and hug .