Definitions for "Repertory"
A place in which things are disposed in an orderly manner, so that they can be easily found, as the index of a book, a commonplace book, or the like.
an index of symptoms found in Materia Medicas.
A reference book or index of symptoms, arranged by locations systems, modalities, etc, listing the name of the remedy or remedies to be found under each symptom.
See Producing Theatre
A much-abused term that is now used in a variety of ways. All the plays in a season could be called the repertory. Strictly speaking, when we speak of a "repertory theatre" we mean a company of actors performing different roles across a number of productions running "in rep", that is rotating from show to show. However, San Jose Rep and most other "repertory" theatres today stage one or perhaps two productions for a specific "run", then move on to the next. Just imagine if the sets had to be rotated and changed on a daily basis
A form of organisation, usually with a permanent company of actors, where each production has a run of limited length. At any time, there is normally one production in performance, another in rehearsal and several others in varying degrees of planning.
A treasury; a magazine; a storehouse.
a storehouse where a stock of things is kept
A collection of titles (journals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) covered by Copyright Clearance Center’s Annual Copyright License. Upon payment of an annual license fee, an organization can reproduce, for internal use, unlimited quantities of excerpts from the copyrighted materials in the repertory for their license. Copyright Clearance Center repertories can be viewed and searched online via the title catalog.
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Same as Répertoire.
the entire range of skills or aptitudes or devices used in a particular field or occupation; "the repertory of the supposed feats of mesmerism"; "has a large repertory of dialects and characters"