Definitions for "Sojourn"
Keywords:  canoe, riverway, hectic, river, kayak
a group of individuals who all share a common love for nature and take some time out of their hectic lives to join together and paddle down a stretch of river - either by canoe or by kayak
a single or multiple day canoe trip down a river that includes educational activities at various stops for participants and people in communities along the riverway
a water-based journey designed to raise awareness of the environmental, recreational, tourism and heritage values of rivers
Sojourn was a Cross Gen comic book title about the adventures of Arwyn and her friend Gareth as they traveled in a fantasy world with dragons, trolls, and magic. Starting in 2001, it ran for 35 issues (including prequel) before it was forced to end by the bankruptcy of CrossGen in 2004. This series was (for a time) Crossgen's highest grossing series.
To dwell for a time; to dwell or live in a place as a temporary resident or as a stranger, not considering the place as a permanent habitation; to delay; to tarry.
A temporary residence, as that of a traveler in a foreign land.
a temporary stay (e.g., as a guest)