Definitions for "Sinner"
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a concept album of sorts, in which a gangsta slowly but surely unravels the complex, unsavory details of his life, from the first fall from grace on through
Sinner is a 2001 album released by Drowning Pool.
Sinner is a German band, better known by the name Mat Sinner (vocalist & bassist of the band) and was published by Nuclear Blast America, now via MTM Music. The band became the biggest Melodic Heavy Metal band in the 80s after the releasing of the albums Touch of Sin and Comin’ Out Fighting. The band released what many consider their best album of the 90s known as The Nature Of Evil (1998), with chart success in Germany (Pos. 63).
One who has sinned; especially, one who has sinned without repenting; hence, a persistent and incorrigible transgressor; one condemned by the law of God.
a person who sins (without repenting)
an enemy of God, one who deliberately violates God's solemn orders
Sinner is a 2007 drama film directed by Marc Benardout. It stars Nick Chinlund, Georgina Cates, Michael E. Rodgers, Tom Wright, and Brad Dourif.
Sinner is the first novel in The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy by Sara Douglass. In the United States it is also considered the fourth in The Wayfarer Redemption sextet. It is followed by Pilgrim and concludes in Crusader.
a lawbreaker who owes his fellowman a debt - that debt being love
an unsaved person who has his soul in jeopardy of eternal death, as we see here
a kind of inverted saint
an unbeliever the same as a believer is a saint
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a serpents dinner
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a person who sins (does wrong things)
a sacred thing, The Holy Ghost hath made him so
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a selfish moral agent
Keywords:  creature, mere, impulse
a creature of mere impulse
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Exact middle of. "Have you been to the new shoppin' sinner."
Keywords:  devil, shape, man
a devil in man's shape
Keywords:  freely, slave
a slave when he sins most freely
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a man of no understanding, that's all
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To act as a sinner.