Definitions for "Jeopardy"
Exposure to death, loss, or injury; hazard; danger.
Danger or risk.
Danger to the defendant of possible conviction and punishment. In a criminal proceeding, the defendant is usually said to be "in jeopardy" after the jury has been sworn in and the preliminary hearing has taken place.
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Jeopardy, released in 1980, is the first album released by The Sound.
Jeopardy is a hit song released in 1983 by the Greg Kihn Band on their album Kihnspiracy. It is widely considered to be the band's most successful song ever. Exterior shots of the video were fimed in San Francisco's Mission District.
The potential to have awkward rolls on an upcoming turn.
Potential for awkward rolls on a future turn.
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Jeopardy was a BAFTA award winning television series that ran for three series, from 2002 to 2004 on the BBC about a group of eight high-school students and their teacher who go from Falkirk, Scotland, to the Australian Outback to look for UFOs, where strange events occur. They are all given camcorders to record any sightings, and the series (much like the Blair Witch Project) makes extensive use of jerky, handheld photography supposedly from those cameras. It was acclaimed for being thoroughly gripping and said by some to be the best childrens program in many years.
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Jeopardy is a 1953 suspense film directed by John Sturges. The black-and-white film stars Ralph Meeker as an escaped killer. The film was based on a 22 minute radio play, "A Question of Time."
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A condition that endangers the completion of scheduled provisioning processes, e.g., no facilities available.
A task that cannot be performed as it does not fit into the schedule of work. @Road Taskforce offers an effective feature for Jeopardy Management.
A person is in jeopardy when he is regularly charged with a crime before a court properly organized and competent to try him. If acquitted, he cannot be tried again for the same offense.
To jeopardize.