Definitions for "Shaker"
One of a religious sect who do not marry, popularly so called from the movements of the members in dancing, which forms a part of their worship.
A simplistic furniture design featuring clean, spare lines. The style originated in the mid-1770s from an American Shaker religious sect who built furniture according to their belief that the beauty of the object was found in its usefullness.
a member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world
A person or thing that shakes, or by means of which something is shaken.
most important item in your bar since every cocktail that is shaken needs it
a container in which something can be shaken
a person who wields power and influence; "a shaker of traditional beliefs"; "movers and shakers in the business world"
Shaker (formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 2002) are a rising Canadian rock/pop group, known for their commercially viable modern rock music, featuring lush vocal harmonies with a southern rock-influenced foundation.
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Air-intake nozzle protruding through the bonnet. It is flexibly attached to an engine to draw in air at ambient temperatures.
Shaker is the 17th episode of the US Television show Diagnosis Murder. It originally aired on April 29 1994 on CBS.
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Stainless steel or glass container filled with booze and ice. With the lid firmly in place, shake the shaker up and down to mix and cool everything.
A tool to mix drinks by shaking.
Type of baghouse design where the filter bag is agitated by mechanical means to dislodge the dust.
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A variety of pigeon.
homosexual loitering in front of a urinal .
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n: shortened form of shale shaker. See shale shaker.
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an immature fish that has sexually developed. A shaker can range from two pounds to ten depending on the species of fish.
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a heavy 1x1 rib knit.
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A screen with reciprocating motion.