Definitions for "Searches"
a series of checks made with local authorities that are carried out during the conveyancing of a house. Checks include any proposals for planning or any other matter that may affect the property's value or its sale in the future.
must be carried out if you are buying a property. Local authority searches show details of any planning permissions given on the property you are buying. Plan searches show any planning applications i.e. plans to build roads within 200 metres of the property. Your lender will insist your solicitors undertake a drainage search, detailing whether waste water goes into a public or private sewer.
Checks made by local council for planning applications such as roads, which may affect the worth of your property.
Trip requests submitted by retail and wholesale customers through, the CharterX Industry Exchange, volume buyer channels, CharterX customer XQuote systems, and other distribution channels.
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Legal work done to determine which party, if any, owns and has an assignment of the client's receivables .