Definitions for "Sealing"
a special ritual or ceremony which is held only in a Temple
Marriage ceremony. Mormons believe that a marriage sealed in a Temple can continue through eternity.
An ordinance performed in the temple eternally uniting a husband and wife, or children and their parents.
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Making tight joints between jar and cover; usually with a black, thick, acid-proof compound.
lump of clay impressed with a seal, used for administrative purposes to seal jars, documents, and other objects
Making a veneer joint water-tight or leak-proof with an elastic adhesive compound or application of a surface treatment to prevent staining of finished stone.
Joining the package case header or substrate to its cover or lid.
Application of a coating to a bare substrate and to fill pores to prevent excessive absorption of the finish coats.
Technique of applying sealer coat to porous woods prior to painting procedure. Prevents absorption of final paint finish.
The closure of court records to inspection, except to the parties.
All domestic and international envelopes and self-mailers sent at Lettermail or Letter-post prices must be completely sealed. Books and Small Packets should be securely closed but not sealed to allow for inspection. (cachetage)
the placement of an official marker or locking tag (seal) by an authorized representative of the Department of Fish and Game on an animal hide or skull, and may include (A) collecting and recording biological information concerning the conditions under which the animal was taken; (B) measuring the specimen submitted for sealing; and(C) retaining specific portions of the animal for biological information, such as a pre-molar tooth from a bear
The process of sealing allows a sender to encrypt the body part and any attachments of an originating message using a public key. It provides confidentiality of a message as it moves through a Microsoft Exchange system. See also Encryption, Private Key, Public Key, Unsealing.
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the act of treating something to make it repel water
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procedure to bond one film with another using heat
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See Seal.