Definitions for "Satinwood"
The hard, lemon-colored, fragrant wood of an East Indian tree (Chloroxylon Swietenia). It takes a lustrous finish, and is used in cabinetwork. The name is also given to the wood of a species of prickly ash (Xanthoxylum Carib├Žum) growing in Florida and the West Indies.
A highly figured, close-grained, hard, and durable wood which is native to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and the East Indies. It is a light yellow to golden brown in color with a lusterous satin-like quality. It was a favorite wood in the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods, and it was also favored by Adam, Chippendale, and Sheraton for inlay and veneering. Hepplewhite used satinwood as a background for painted medalions.
West Indian tree with smooth lustrous and slightly oily wood