Definitions for "Teak"
A tree of East Indies (Tectona grandis) which furnishes an extremely strong and durable timber highly valued for shipbuilding and other purposes; also, the timber of the tree.
A strong and durable wood that doesn't shrink much and is comparatively easy to work. See also: Timber.
Tectona grandis (Family: Verbanaceae). A valuable timber species originally found in India and Southeast Asia that is used for fine furniture, flooring, and boat-building.
Comes from Java, Burma, Thailand and India. Colors enrich with age. Straight grain, though often richly figured. Has a fragrance similar to rosewood.
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Teak is an GUI IMAP mail client written in php-gtk . It's still in the early stages of development but already can read/send mail via an IMAP server and local SMTP host.
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a large slab of meat , usually beef , but also possibly fish such as salmon
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Teakwood steering wheel optional in 1965 and 1966.