Definitions for "Safeguards"
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Emergency actions in the form of additional duties or import quotas applied to fairly traded imports which nevertheless cause or threaten serious injury to domestic producers.
Safeguards action can be taken when a country experiences a dramatic increase in imports. The action taken is to increase tariffs. Safeguards can only be taken if there is injury or threat of injury to domestic firms. Further, the increased tariffs must be temporary in nature, since they are intended to allow the domestic industry to adjust to the new import competition, as aopposed to protecting them from it indefinitely.
The system of control and handling of nuclear materials that subjects them to domestic and international (IAEA) inspections as agreed upon in treaties and agreements and in domestic legislation.
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Safeguards are the protective measures and controls prescribed to meet the security requirements specified for a system. Safeguards may include, but are not necessarily limited to: hardware/software security procedures, operating procedures, accountability procedures, access and distribution controls, personnel security, and physical security.