Definitions for "Ruggedized"
Ruggedized notebooks, PDAs, and Tablet PCs are the John Waynes of portable computing. They are macho-ready for action anywhere, anytime, in any condition. Drop them, spill liquid on them, expose them to harsh weather conditions or chemicals; these machines can take it. In general these machines are very solid, but in general of an older generation (slower, less capable), and much more expensive.
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COTS equipment that has been modified for military use. The modifications may be in the form of added parts, such as shields, power conditioners, and so forth, or in the form of direct modification of COTS equipment. Ruggedized may be referred to as ruggedized COTS. [MIL-STD-2036A
A ruggedized product (board or chassis with boards inside) is able to handle adverse environments and usage. Such a product is able to withstand extended temperature, humidity, vibration and shock.