Definitions for "Root Mean Square"
The effective amplitude of alternating current relative to direct current. RMS values may refer to voltage levels or current levels, and is equal to 0.707 times the peak value.
Actually means the root of the mean of the squares and is an evaluative measurement of a wavefront diagnostic. It describes the smoothness of the surface in terms of deviation from the ideal spherical wavefront and is calculated using the same technique that is used to derive standard deviation. As a general rule of thumb, a Root Mean Square value of .30 microns or greater is an indication that a wavefront-guided ablation is necessary to provide a patient a good refractive surgery outcome.
The effective value of an alternating periodic voltage or current.
A measure of the amount of "unexplained" variation remaining when a set of tics or control points are registered. A polynomial regression equation is fitted to relate the digitizer coordinates to real-world coordinates.
measure of the dispersion of observations about the mean
A formula that provides a reasonably accurate means of measuring and comparing continuous AC power. The use of this measure is preferred when matching system components, like amplifiers and receivers.