Definitions for "Observations"
Anything, other than performing forces, that you can identify by listening to a piece of music. This might include comments about speed, volume, mood, or language (if there is a text). Other terms might include homophonic, polyphonic, melismatic, syllabic, nationalistic, etc. ( Lesson 1, Page 2)
are written comments made by the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations concerning the application of a ratified ILO Convention. Observations are generally used in more serious or long-standing cases of failure to fulfil obligations. The observations are each year published in the report of the Committee of Experts to the Governing Body to the annual International Labour Conference, and forms the basis for discussions of individual cases in the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards. More information about Observations
Iinclude comments and the submission of further information which may, where requested by Scottish Ministers, be made by the referring body or the individual who is the subject of a referral to the List.
Exploring a particular subject by having someone monitor what takes place and report on subtle aspects of events and behaviour at the time they occur; observation may be direct or indirect, the observer's presence may be known or unknown, and the observer may play a variety of roles; indirect observation occurs wen recording is done by mechanical, photographic, or electronic means.
Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses memorables trouvées en Grèce, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie et autres pays étrangèrs is a work of ethnographical, botanical and zoological exploration by Pierre Belon (1517-1564), a French naturalist from Le Mans. Starting in 1546, Belon travelled through Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, Arabia and Palestine, returning to France in 1549.
Individual pieces of data from one or more sensors. Ideally the output of a PQS is formatted such that it can be used as input observations for a second-level PQS. This essentially means that the conclusions published by a PQS can be used as observations for another PQS, conceptually allowing us to chain multiple Process Query Systems.
can be of any social phenomenon, such as student presentations, students working in the library, or interactions at student help desks. Observations can be recorded as a narrative or in a highly structured format, such as a checklist, and they should be focused on specific program objectives.
Way of collecting data that involves watching others and systematically recording their behaviors according to preset definitions or categories
Information about objects and events, collected by using one or more of your senses.
information learned about the world around us that's gathered by using our five senses and scientific equipment
Individual values of a variable plotted along the X-axis. Typically each variable will be shown with the same number of observations.