Definitions for "Roll back"
Keywords:  undo, commit, uncommitted, cancel, sql
To return the values changed by a transaction to their original state.
Undo any changes to data that have been performed by SQL statements within an uncommitted transaction. After a transaction has been committed, it cannot be rolled back. Oracle uses rollback segments to store old values. The redo log contains a record of changes. See Also: commit, transaction, rollback segment
The process of restoring data changed by SQL statements to the state at its last commit point.
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"To open the door and welcome the robber", basic T'ai Chi posture yielding to the opponent and letting him or her come forward and going with that individual's incoming energy.
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A tight turn performed between two fences.
When an investor replaces an old options position with new one having an earlier expiration date (and the same strike price).
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See Instead: Return