Definitions for "RedShift "
RedShift is an OpenGL/SDL flight simulator that aims to eventually support civilian flight, combat, and multiplayer capabilities with a realistic flight model.
A hybrid system simulation language similar to SHIFT and Lambda-SHIFT, written in Ruby and C. Combines numerical integration, state machines, and the breezy power of Ruby.
The shift in frequency (making objects appear redder than they actually are) of radiation emitted from a body that is receding from the observer. The expansion of the universe makes objects recede from us, causing the light we see from distant galaxies to be redshifted; the higher the redshift, the farther away the object. Redshift is often denoted by , where = v/c and is the velocity of light and the velocity of the object. The wavelength shift is then given by the factor (1 + ).
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Redshift are a British electronic music group.
A star that has a low surface temperature and a diameter that is large relative to the Sun.