Definitions for "Rattail"
Keywords:  silky, rayon, beads, cord, admired
Rayon cord with silky texture, in bright colors, used to string larger beads.
Rayon cord. Admired for its silky appearance and bright colors. Perfect for stringing larger beads.
2mm satin cord.
deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail
A tapering extension or thickening of a spoon handle onto the underside of the bowl.
Grenadiers or rattails (less commonly whiptails) are generally large, brown to black gadiform marine fish of the family Macrouridae. Found at great depths from the Arctic to Antarctic, members of this family are among the most abundant of the deep-sea fishes. Grenadiers are perhaps best known for their cameo in the blockbuster film Titanic, where the fish are glimpsed during ROV reconnaissance of the wreck.
Keywords:  haircut, rarer, albeit, notable, saw
A rattail is a haircut that is characterized by a long "tail" of hair growing from the back of the head. It saw a notable phase of popularity during the 1980s but can still be seen today, albeit in a rarer form. While the rattail has been worn by both genders, this haircut is observed most commonly in males under the age of 15 or middle-aged men attempting to appear fashionable.