Definitions for "Quickie"
Keywords:  bingo, fast, win, bowler, eiki
Quickie is a small footprint, fast C++ Wiki engine. I went looking for small fast eiki engines and didn't find one. Too many were written in interpretive languages with huge run-time footprints. Quickie is small and fast.
A quick sex session where both parties just want a fast release.
Numbers are called very fast and the card must be fully checked to win Bingo.
Keywords:  hurry, repair, better, frame, get
hurried repair
The act of having sex in a hurry or on a time frame. ie. "I have to get back to work, this better be a quickie."
a brief and quick sexual encounter
A brief sexual encounter that is often accompanied by spontaneity and some degree of risk.
a patented, pull power, self-locking rope pulley, which makes it the Quickest and Easiest Tie-Down on the market
Keywords:  coverall, numbers, called, game
A coverall game where the numbers are called very quickly.
when numbers are called quickly.
Keywords:  burst, love, affair, anything, drink
A quick anything – burst of fire, drink, love affair, etc.
a sex act that is not as involved as normal sexual intercourse and thus "quicker" than normal sex
An order that must be filled as soon as it reaches the trading floor at the price specified, or be canceled immediately.