Definitions for "Lotto"
A game of chance, played with cards or tickets, on which are inscribed numbers, and any contrivance (as a wheel containing numbered balls) for determining a set of numbers by chance. The player holding a card having on it the set of numbers drawn from the wheel takes the stakes after a certain percentage of them has been deducted for the dealer. In some systems, lesser prizes are awarded for having some but not all of the numbers selected, such as four or five numbers in a six-number drawing. A variety of lotto is called keno. In another variety, the player chooses the numbers for the card or ticket s/he holds. There may be from three to seven different numbers on a card or ticket. In a modern computerized lotto system conducted by state authorities, the player chooses numbers, or allows the computer to choose numbers at random, which are then printed on a ticket that the player holds until the winning number is selected.
a game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards
a complete lottery application for MS Windows(tm) that supports lotteries with as man
A design which appears on rugs in the paintings of Lorenzo Lotto, a sixteenth-century Venetian painter. Rugs with this design were woven from the early sixteenth until eighteenth century and are usually seen in Ushak rugs from Turkey. Typically, they have a red field with all-over yellow branching lines or arabesque design and sometimes a Kufi border.
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