Definitions for "Prostration"
Keywords:  forehead, reverence, bow, panip, raihai
The act of falling down, or of bowing in humility or adoration; primarily, the act of falling on the face, but usually applied to kneeling or bowing in reverence and worship.
full bow with the shins, forehead, hands and elbows touching the ground (Chadwick 1999).
A reverential bow. A Full Prostration is performed by crossing oneself and touching the knees, hands and forehead to the ground. A Half or Waist Prostration is performed by crossing oneself and bending over and touching the right hand (fingers) to the ground. The Waist Prostration ( called a Metania) replaces the full prostration on the days we do not fully bow.
A latent, not an exhausted, state of the vital energies; great oppression of natural strength and vigor.
Extreme exhaustion and collapse.
state of total mental or physical exhaustion
The condition of being prostrate; great depression; lowness; dejection; as, a postration of spirits.
abject submission; the emotional equivalent of prostrating your body
a wonderful action that allows one to offer faith by means of the body
a condition marked by dizziness and nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes
Keywords:  fiat, throwing, act, laying, assuming
The act of prostrating, throwing down, or laying fiat; as, the prostration of the body.
the act of assuming a prostrate position